Can I order tickets without providing my personal details?

The address details are mandatory fields and must always be entered. 
The main reason for the address enquiry is the transaction. In principle, every credit card holder has the right to complain about a transaction. The online shop operator (in this case Eventfrog) is then requested by the credit card provider to provide all information about the transaction and must prove that the purchase actually happened.

In addition to the transaction number and the ticket, it also requires the order confirmation e-mail and the buyer's details.

And here's the problem: if we only ask for the email address, we no longer have any legal means of proving to the credit card companies that the order was actually placed by this person. Incidentally, this is also the case with all other ticketing platforms (and online shops in general).

You can find out more about data protection on Eventfrog in our blog article: Maximum data protection at Eventfrog >