Maximum data protection at Eventfrog

The secure handling of personal data

More and more often you hear the saying: "If you don't pay for it, you're not the customer, you're the product that's being sold." This accusation is also levelled at Eventfrog because we offer a free product.

But the opposite is the case: we go further than others when it comes to data protection and security and have even written a manifesto about this.

The Eventfrog manifesto for maximum data protection

At Eventfrog, we are committed to maximising data protection. We are convinced that personal data must be protected. This is what sets us apart from other event and ticketing platforms. That is why we have imposed the following rules on ourselves:

  • Customer data is never passed on to third parties.
  • The strict data protection rules of the GDPR are consistently adhered to. This includes, among other things:
    • the right to be forgotten (erasure of personal data)
    • Integrity and confidentiality (access to confidential data is strictly limited and protected)
    • Purpose limitation (we only process data that is necessary for the purpose of the ticket purchase / sale)
    • It is clear which data is collected for which purpose.

What exactly does this mean for my data?

Let's have a closer look at the manifesto here.

Customer data is never passed on to third parties

We are committed to never passing on customer data to third parties. Firstly, this means that no data is sold at Eventfrog, and we also do not track users using third-party tracking pixels, which has become common practice for international and very well-known players such as Google or Facebook.

We consistently adhere to the EU's strict GDPR regulation

Eventfrog only collects data that is necessary for the use of the platform as an event organiser or ticket buyer (purpose limitation).

One example of this use is the purchase of tickets. For this purpose, data must be collected from the event organiser and ticket buyer to enable the purchase or sale of the ticket via a purchase contract (e.g. payment data for the payment provider).

For the example above, this means that event organisers may view the data of buyers, but may only use it in the context of their event. Advertising measures beyond this are excluded unless they are explicitly requested by event organisers and confirmed by buyers.

Complete transparency and the right to be forgotten

In our help section, we show you what personal data has been collected on our platform: Personal data: Where can I view my data?

Transparency also includes the notices on our platform. As soon as you are about to use a third-party service, you will receive a notification from us (e.g. playing videos via YouTube).

You can also delete your account at any time as soon as you do not manage any tickets for future events on your account or you have not published any events in the future. Instructions for account deletion

What do I need to know as an event organiser?

A new data protection regulation has been in force in Switzerland since 1 September. With Eventfrog, you are on the safe side because we already comply with EU regulations and the GDPR.

As an event organiser, we also offer you an informative webinar with an FAQ session in which we answer all your questions about data protection when organising events. Register now, be well-prepared and find out more on our website.

Data protection in event organisation

Is my data secure at Eventfrog?

Yes, your data is safe with Eventfrog and it is our most important concern that it stays that way. That's why we only use servers in Switzerland, for example. You can also find out more about this in this blog article on data protection

Other decisive factors for your security are the SSL certification of our website, which guarantees encrypted data transmission, and the use of established payment providers such as Datatrans and Stripe. You can also find more information on this in our help section: How secure is ordering and paying at Eventfrog?

In addition, Eventfrog employees receive ongoing training to expand their knowledge of data protection and security and to sensitise the team to potentially dangerous situations. These training sessions are conducted by our security officer, who you can also find as a contact at the bottom of this page.

Will Eventfrog advertising customers receive my data?

No, Eventfrog's advertising customers do not receive any personal data, either.

Of course, we still want to offer our advertisers as attractive an offer as possible. If you would like to advertise on tickets, you can choose specific regions, event categories and even subcategories to reach specific target groups.

At the end of a campaign, advertisers receive a report showing the success of the measures. However, these reports never contain personal data and therefore do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual persons or personal user profiles.

Do you have any further questions?

We are happy to help. Our telephone support is available Monday to Friday from 10:00–12:00 and 14:00–17:00.

Hotline Switzerland: +41 62 588 04 50

At weekends and on public holidays, we offer support by e-mail in urgent cases.