Eventfrog AI for your event organisation

We are revolutionising the event industry with our event and ticketing platform. To do this, we are focussing our innovative drive on the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, also known as AI. We want our event organisers to benefit from this progress and be able to use the technology for their event organisation.

First Eventfrog AI feature

The first feature that uses artificial intelligence is the automatic generation of short descriptions.

As soon as you enter an event description (min. 200 characters), you can automatically generate a short description that is optimised for search engines.

This will save you time and your event will be easier to find via search engines.

All FAQs about the new feature can be found in the help section

The future with Eventfrog AI

Our machine learning team is working with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts on a project by Innosuisse to make our platform even better.

What can you expect?

  • Automations that make event organising easier for you
  • Helpful and exciting tips and suggestions for features and promos
  • Even higher data quality for event data and imports

You can also read about our collaboration with the HSLU in the blog:

How machine learning brings HSLU and Eventfrog together

Data and data quality need data protection

Data protection and security are very important to Eventfrog. We are committed to the secure handling of personal data.

You can read more about this under Data protection and security

Professional and digital with Eventfrog

Your visitors benefit from the contemporary offer and can buy tickets digitally anytime and anywhere.

With our features, you can easily handle ticket sales and give your event a professional online presence.

Sell tickets online - save time and resources. So you can concentrate on the event and the ticket sales take care of themselves.

You can find out more about the use of AI and Eventfrog as a driver of innovation in our media release:

Event and ticketing platform Eventfrog now relies on artificial intelligence