Notifications for ticket buyers: How can I send additional messages to ticket buyers?

You can place a short message for your ticket buyers during the ordering process. This will be displayed after the ticket purchase on the order completion page and in the order confirmation email.


Where do I enter the message that is displayed to ticket purchasers?

To do this, go to "Messages to buyer:in" under "Sale".

Here you can easily enter your message. Please note that you can use a maximum of 400 characters including spaces.

Then click on the green save button to confirm your entry.

Mitteilung an TK eng 1

Where do the messages appear?

After the purchase process has been successfully completed, the message appears on the order completion page and in the e-mail that is sent as an order confirmation after the purchase.

Mitteilung nach Bestellung

Can I send further messages to ticket purchasers?

It is currently not possible to send further messages to buyers from the cockpit. But you have other options, which we explain here:

Can I use my ticket buyers' data for advertising purposes? >

Is there a charge for this function, or is it included in the free model?

The "Messages to buyer" function is included in the paid Plus- and Pro Package. If you want to switch back to the Free model after activating the function, you must delete the message.