How can I store my own terms and conditions and documents for my event?


How do I store terms and conditions and documents?

To add your own terms and conditions and documents to your event, edit the desired event, navigate to the "Terms and conditions, additional documents" section and upload the desired files.

Do I have to deposit my general terms and conditions?

No, during the purchase process, ticket buyers are asked to read and accept our terms and conditions. If you do not have your own terms and conditions, this is fine. Your own T&Cs are only important if you have special guidelines that are not covered by our T&Cs.

Where are my own terms and conditions and documents displayed?

The terms and conditions are displayed directly below the ticket categories. Ticket buyers must confirm these by ticking the checkbox before they can proceed to the checkout to purchase their tickets.

Documents are displayed in the event details under "Organiser:in" under "Downloads".

How can I ensure that ticket buyers have read and accepted my terms and conditions?

The GTC are now displayed directly in the "Tickets" section. Here, ticket buyers must tick the checkbox to accept the GTC. Only then can they complete their purchase and proceed to the checkout.

Earlier query

Previously, consent to the GTC was requested using personalisation fields (yes/no field). For example, you could name a field as follows: "Yes, I have read the organiser's terms and conditions and accept them".

If you have used a personalisation field to accept the terms and conditions, we will show you how to deactivate it here:

To do this, go to "Personalisation, additional fields" for the desired event and edit the corresponding field.


Now go to "Settings" and select "Do not show" for the relevant channels. Confirm your selection by clicking on "Save".

General terms and conditions for advance sales / via advance booking offices

For ticket sales via advance booking offices, acceptance of the GTC can still be documented using personalisation. Make sure that the fields are also displayed for advance sales in the settings.