Cancellation insurance for events

Covers what regular insurance cannot

... and prevents bankruptcy in the event of bad luck and mishaps. In addition to the regular liability insurance for event organisers, it makes sense to take out insurance for the cancellation of the event. Because, as is the case with insurance policies, they rarely provide comprehensive coverage, leaving risky gaps. Most liability insurance policies for event organisers only cover costs in the event of accidents, personal injury and property damage during the event.

Plan like a pro and think of everything

But what if your event has to be cancelled completely? Whether due to the weather or a terror warning, there are many reasons why an event may have to be cancelled. Even if you are not at fault, you are left with the costs and no income. From venue hire to artists' fees or expenses for catering and marketing: large sums of money are involved that represent a considerable financial risk.

Eventfrog's event cancellation insurance covers precisely these expenses:

  • Uncomplicated and affordable
  • Available for events with and without ticketing
  • Can be finalised up to 14 days before the event

Enter & insure event

Service overview

Our event insurance covers your costs in the event of cancellation and can be taken out up to 14 days before the event.

  • Event cancellation due to weather conditions
    Danger to life and limb, impossible event set-up or access to the venue
  • Unavailability of the location
    Fire, power failure, etc.
  • Ban by the authorities
    Cancellation/termination by the police due to terror or threats
  • Piety
    Cancellation due to moral reasons (e.g. accident during event)

Events lasting more than 7 days and high-risk sports such as bungee jumping, river rafting and paragliding are excluded.

Typical examples of damage

You have to cancel your club party after just two hours due to a storm. However, service providers such as caterers must still be paid in full.

The location booked for your concert is cancelled at short notice due to a fire. As no replacement is available, you have to cancel the event.

An authority bans your event because there was a terror warning and this means danger to the life and limb of your participants.

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Questions about cancellation insurance?

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