The QR code for your event and advance booking

The QR code brings your guests to you

The QR code for your event is created in the Cockpit with just a few clicks.

When visitors scan the code, they are taken directly to your event page. There, they can easily buy tickets for your event using their smartphone.

Print the QR code on posters, flyers and display it at the entrance to your event. This makes it even easier for your guests to get their tickets.

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Simplify and digitise your box office

Use the QR code for the event to make it easier for you to buy tickets on site!

Place the code for scanning prominently on site. This way, your guests can buy tickets themselves instead of queuing. Your advantages as an event organiser:

  • Fewer guests at the box office
  • Less effort required for settings such as personalisation, as ticket buyers enter these themselves online
  • Satisfied ticket buyers thanks to fast admission

Upgrade for your presale

Optimise your pre-sales and advertising material by using the QR code for your event.

The QR code on posters and flyers can be scanned and takes ticket buyers directly to your event and advance booking.

If interested guests discover adverts for your event, they can buy tickets directly.

We show you what else you can do for your advance booking here in our blog post:

Sold out! How to get a full house

Would you like to integrate your pre-sales optimally into your communication?

You can find more information here

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