More sales thanks to own vouchers

Make more of your tickets

Use your own tickets for more than just admission to the event. As an event organiser, you can create vouchers for your own purposes and place them on your tickets. Whether as drinks and food vouchers or for sponsors and partners - you can easily create coupons in the Cockpit that you can use yourself or resell as coupon space or small advertising space.

The coupons and advertising spaces are displayed on the tickets (as a PDF) and in the Eventfrog app. Incidentally, the coupons can also be redeemed in the mobile app.

Register & create coupons

Vouchers for your event

As an event organiser, you can create additional sales with coupons on the tickets.

Increase your revenue by offering discounts on drinks or food, for example. Alternatively, you can also offer discounts on merchandise.

Would you like to attract visitors for future events? You can control the redemption of the vouchers and advertise the next event with free drinks, for example.

Resell voucher spaces

There are six spaces to occupy on each ticket in the Free and Plus models. Use them for your own coupons and/or sell them on as advertising spaces.

Every space is your opportunity for more sales!

Sponsors and advertisers want reach and awareness, especially locally, i.e. in the region of your event.

This is exactly what you can offer them on your event tickets and earn money from it.

Coupons can look like this

2 for 1 beer

Invite your guests to the bar and encourage consumption.


Are you or one of your partners planning a sampling? Integrate a coupon with information about the issue.

Sponsoring voucher

Sell advertising space: Sponsors are looking for reach.

How to create coupons

Add offers in the Cockpit under "Coupons, ads". This is what you need:

  1. Image as PNG/JPG
  2. URL
  3. Title/discount: max. 20 characters
  4. Description: max. 30 characters
  5. Small print: max. 220 characters
  6. Coupon code: max. 9 characters (optional)
  7. Logo as PNG/JPG

CHF 0.19 per coupon/advertising space
Per ticket sold or reserved

Not all tickets sold yet?

In our cockpit, you become your own marketing boss. Whether national or regional, offline or online; you can advertise your event yourself.

We make booking easy for you with various combination packages. So ensure a full house with little effort.

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