How do I set up a bank account for my event?

In order for Eventfrog to transfer your earnings to you, you must enter your bank account details.

When you create your first event, you can enter an address in the "Select address" step. However, this does not yet contain any bank details. In the next step, you must select this address as the organiser address.
If you have already entered events in the past, you will be taken directly to the address selection, where all addresses from your address pool will be displayed for you to choose from.

Of course, you can also enter a new address here if none of the addresses in the pool apply:

va adresse 1

To enter your bank account details, edit the desired event and go to "Address, bank details".

va adresse 2

Here it is important that you understand the difference between the address pool and the address assignment. The address pool shown below contains all the addresses you have created so far. You can change or add to these by clicking on "Edit".

Please note that the changes are always applied to all events to which this address is assigned.

va adresse 3

When assigning an address, you select both an address as the organiser and a bank details address.

va adresse 4

The organiser address refers to the details you wish to communicate to the outside world. Please note that the customer can view this data for legal reasons.

The bank details address may differ from the organiser address or may be the same. However, this must always be assigned as well.

If no bank details address is assigned or the assigned address is incomplete, the income cannot be paid out.

If you have not yet entered any bank details, click on the plus sign next to "Add bank details".

va adresse 5

If you would now like to enter your bank account, enter your details under "Your bank details for payments". And click on "Save" to confirm your entry.

va adresse 6

If you wish to add further bank accounts, you must enter and save a new address in each case and then enter and save the bank details again in the next step.