«Money-Back-Guarantee» as a certificate for your event


What is «Money-back-guarantee»?

The «Money-back-guarantee» is a special certificate for your event. With this certificate, you guarantee your ticket buyers that they will be refunded the full ticket price in the case of an event cancellation.Die Rückerstattung wird dabei automatisch von Eventfrog vorgenommen.

Your event will be labelled with the «Money-back-guarantee» in the event search and on the event details page. This allows ticket buyers to see at a glance that they will benefit from a quick and uncomplicated refund in the event of a cancellation.

Apply for a «Money-back-guarantee» certificate

In the Organiser Cockpit, select the event for which you want to request the certificate by clicking on «Edit» or «Optimise». The certificate is only valid for the event for which you activate it.

In the «Sales" section, go to «Sales start, stop, cancellation». Here you can see the status of the «Money-back guarantee» and click on the green «Activate» button to apply for the certificate.

The «money-back guarantee» is only available from the Plus model onwards. If you select this option, the event is automatically included in this model if it was previously included in the Free model.

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Apply for the certificate by ticking the «Activate money-back guarantee» checkbox and confirming your selection. To do this, click on the green button.

You can no longer postpone your event once you have applied for the
«money-back guarantee» and received the certificate for your event.

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What happens after I have applied for the «money-back guarantee»?

After you have activated the «money-back guarantee» checkbox in the cockpit, you have triggered the issue of the certificate.

Your enquiry will now be processed and you will receive an invoice from us shortly.

In order to receive the «money-back guarantee» certificate, you need to make a deposit with Eventfrog.

The amount of the deposit corresponds to the refund costs that Eventfrog would charge for processing the refund in the event of cancellation. These are calculated as follows: Flat rate of $50.00 curr plus «number of tickets» x $1.50 curr plus VAT.

For an event with 100 tickets, the amount would be made up as follows:

Processing fee CHF


100 tickets x 1.50 CHF


Total in CHF (exkl. VAT)



Please note: The invoice issued also includes costs that have already been incurred at the event (advertising for events, advertising boost) or would be incurred as part of the Plus or Pro event model.

In addition, you cannot apply for advance payments for this event.

As soon as we have received the deposit, your event will be labelled with the «money-back guarantee» certificate.

After receiving the guarantee

Procedure when the event is carried out

If you hold your event regularly, the deposit will be transferred fully back to you (together with your event revenue).

Procedure if the event is cancelled

In this case, it is important that you also cancel your event in the Eventfrog Cockpit (instructions for cancelling events). Refunds for tickets sold online will then be issued automatically via Eventfrog.

You don't have to do anything else. In the final invoice for the event, you will see how many tickets have been refunded. The costs per refunded ticket and the fixed fee for processing the refund will be offset against the deposit. The remaining amount, if any, will be transferred to your registered bank account.

Pre-sale: Tickets that you have sold physically via advance booking offices or via «advance payment / prepayment» must be refunded by yourself, as Eventfrog has neither the revenue generated nor the data of the ticket buyers. Please contact these ticket buyers yourself.

In what period will a refund be made if I have activated the «money-back guarantee» ?

It may take up to two working days to process the refund. Your ticket buyers will be refunded the ticket price within 7 days to the payment method they used to purchase the tickets.