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More than a ticket: Advertise with Eventfrog - Eventfrog Blog

Eventfrog sells countless tickets for thousands of events every year, ranging from festivals and guided tours to concerts, courses, parties and political events. Most event organisers use our free ticketing service, which displays advertising on the tickets. This makes Eventfrog an exceptionally unique advertising platform. In this blog post, we will show you how Eventfrog serves as an advertising channel and how you can use it to reach your target group when buying tickets.

So how does advertising on Eventfrog work?

Our event calendar is used to organise numerous events in over 200 categories every year. From ice hockey fans and opera lovers to yoga course attendees and seminar participants. These wide-ranging event categories allow us to reach potential buyers from every target group, as the majority of tickets feature adverts for a wide variety of products. At the same time, you can target your customers according to region, age and gender with the help of our targeting. This makes our event tickets one of the most creative and effective advertising channels for placing your message and your product with your target group.

Would you like to advertise your online shop for sporting goods? Advertise on tickets for handball or football matches.

Do you want to target young families? Choose children's events for your message.

If you want to draw attention to a regional or tourist offer, advertise it on tickets in the "Leisure and excursions" section.

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Thanks to a wide reach directly to customers: even with the smallest distribution, you can achieve over 60'000 impressions. This applies both digitally and analogue, as the tickets are displayed in the Eventfrog app or printed out. How you arrange your advertising is up to you - you have complete freedom of design.

Detailed reports and analyses are available for your advertising campaign on Eventfrog tickets. This includes, for example, how the impressions have been distributed among your target groups. And depending on how the campaign is set up, for example with discount codes for online shops, conversion rates can be analysed.

How can I advertise on Eventfrog and what advantages does it offer me?

To place campaigns on our tickets, please contact our sales team. Thanks to our experience, we can give you the best possible advice. Because the possibilities are endless and we can help you with everything from designing the advert to placing it in the right sections and events to ensure you reach exactly the right people.

The advantages of Eventfrog tickets as an advertising channel are unique: in addition to the reach, targeting and free design, they offer a sales-promoting environment. The ticket is charged with positive emotions such as anticipation, excitement and excitement. And your product also benefits from these positive emotions. What's more, the advertising is effective for a long time! Ticket buyers will see your advert right from the moment they buy their ticket to the date of the event and beyond.

More about advertising on Eventfrog tickets: eventfrog.ch/ads


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